GAG    Conflict of Interest - Employees  (Cf. GBRG, GCRF)                                 GAG


The board adopts the following guidelines to ensure that conflicts do not occur in the performance of official duties.  They are not intended to be all inclusive.  All questions regarding the applicability of this policy shall be referred to the superintendent.


1.     Employees are at all times prohibited from engaging in outside business activities during the course of their work day.

2.     Employees are prohibited from using district facilities, equipment or supplies to conduct activities intended or designed for their personal pursuits.

3.     Employees are prohibited from using, during working hours, the services of district personnel or K-12 students in the course of activities intended or designed for their personal pursuits.

4.     Employees shall not enter into agreements on behalf of the district or recommend to the board or fellow administrators to enter into agreements on behalf of the district with any business concern in which he/she has or may have a conflicting personal interest.

5.     Employees shall not allow their public duties to be neglected by reason of attention to their private or personal affairs.

6.     Any employee, or his/her family member(s), who is a director, president, general manager, or similar executive officer, or is an employee of, or owns or controls directly or indirectly an interest in any entity participating in any sales of goods, providing of services or other pecuniary transaction with the district shall disclose such fact immediately to the board.

7.     Employees shall not request, nor receive, financial remuneration from sources outside of the school district for activities normally performed during their work day without permission from the superintendent.




LEGAL REF:    MCL, 380.1300


Adopted:   7/1/93   (P 4115)