GBQA-R Reduction of Teaching Staff GBQA-R


The District will quantify teacher effectiveness by assigning a numerical value of 5 to a rating of "highly effective", 3 to a rating of "effective", 2 to a rating of "minimally effective", and 0 to a rating of "ineffective". The District will average the numerical values, so determined, to create a single numerical value, "Overall Effectiveness Rating" assigned to each person in the group subject to layoff or recall. The District will layoff members of the group, starting with the person with the lowest Overall Effectiveness Rating and proceeding toward the person with the highest Overall Effectiveness Rating. The reverse order will apply to recall. However, in no event will a teacher who has been rated as ineffective within the most recent performance evaluation be retained over a teacher who was rated as minimally effective, effective or highly effective within the most recent performance evaluation.


In the event that two or more teachers possess the identical Overall Effectiveness Rating, the tie will be broken upon a holistic review of each teacherís overall individual performance, considering the best interests of the students, staff, and the District, as well as the nature of the particular vacancy at issue. Length of service, seniority and/or tenure status may, but need not necessarily, be considered.

The Districtís superintendent, or designee, after the ranking process is completed, will submit his or her recommendations for layoff or recall to the Board of Education.


Length of Eligibility of Recall

A teacherís eligibility for recall shall terminate if the teacher:


  1. Resigned or employment by the Board otherwise terminates.


  2. Fails to respond to the recall notice within ten (10) calendar days of receipt of such notice or fails to report, effective the first working day, to the teaching assignment to which recalled.


  3. Lacks tenure status when layoff becomes effective and is not recalled by June 30 of the ensuing school year.


  4. Has tenure status when layoff becomes effective, and is not recalled by June 30 of the ensuing two school years.


  5. Does not have a valid Michigan teaching certificate for the assignment at the date of recall.


  6. Received rating of "ineffective" or "minimally effective" on the most recent annual year-end performance evaluation.


 Revised 5/2/13