GBRJ   Arrangement for Substitutes  (Cf. IKH)                                                       GBRJ


Substitute Teachers


Substitute teachers shall be obtained by the personnel office to provide for a level of instruction commensurate with the regular teacher's performance as nearly as practicable.  All substitutes shall be duly certified as provided for under current State Department of Education rules.  The board shall establish annually a daily compensation rate, which shall be on file in the personnel department.


In cases where the district's substitute calling service cannot secure the services of a substitute teacher, the provisions found in the current master contract shall be followed.


Substitutes for Non-certified Personnel


Substitutes for non-certified personnel shall be obtained by the following departments, in compliance with administration regulation GBRJ-R:


                  Principal/department head:   substitute secretaries, substitute paraprofessionals

                  Personnel department:         substitute custodians

                  Transportation department:  substitute bus drivers


The Board shall annually establish the compensation rates for non-certified substitutes, which shall be on file in the personnel department.




LEGAL REF:    MCL, 380.1236; 421.42; 421.50; AG Opinion #6360


Adopted:   7/1/93