IFCB-R    Field Trips                                                                                        IFCB-R-8


               Guidelines for Sleeping Overnight in WLCS Buildings


               School buildings are not designed for sleep-overs; therefore, the following guidelines must be considered in order to maintain a safe environment.


  1.   All requests for building sleep-overs shall be limited to Walled Lake Schools students

and must be approved by the principal.


  2.   Forty-eight-hour prior notification must be provided to the building principal, director

of operations, executive director of instruction, technology, and assessment, and to emergency services (Fire/ Police Departments) in the appropriate community (Walled Lake, Commerce, etc.).


  3.   Overnight arrangements should always be temporary in nature.


  4.   Consideration should be given to a “common sense” student ratio, i.e., two teachers for                        every 25 students, and applicable number of chaperones.


  5.   The teacher/supervisor shall have in his/her possession a fully completed Extended

Field Trip Parent Permission and Medical Consent Form (IFCB-R-14).


  6.   The teacher/supervisor should have access to a working telephone.


  7.   At least two exits are required.  Window exiting should not be considered when

determining the exit plan.  Access to all corridors may be necessary to meet the requirements for two remote egress doors.


  8.   There should be at least two portable emergency lighting devices readily available.


  9.   If the swimming pool is to be used, the pool utilities person must be notified and                                    available as well as a certified water safety instructor.


10.   All costs of additional personnel and/or services shall be the responsibility of the

sponsor or individual parent/guardian or fund-raising effort.






4/2/98, Rev. 10/6/11